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■Seth Steen (代表・講師)


■I have a TEFL( Teaching English as a Foreign Languages )and have been teaching English since 2001.
I have a daughter and son.
My hobbies are exercising, building or fixing things, camping, making smartphone apps, and playing poker with friends.

■I believe every lesson should be fun or interesting. Kids enjoy my games while learning, and I become good friends with my adult students.
Please come for an interview or demo lesson. I hope to impress you.
■Satoko Otake(マネージャー・講師)



子供の頃から英語が好きで、英語の先生になるのが夢でした。高校時代に初めてのホームステイを経験。現地で自分の英語力不足に直面した事をきっかけに、 英語力の向上を目指し神田外語大学(英米語学科)に進学。それでも自分の英語力に満足いかず、神田外語大学在学中にアメリカ、オレゴン大学にて一年間留学し、教育学を学ぶ。

アメリカ留学中にSethと出会い、結婚。2005年からE-STAR English School をスタートし、現在は2児の母としても奮闘中です。


2021 nenwyear scarlet
■Scarlet Marie Brillantes (講師)


■趣味:playing puzzle games
           going for a long drive

I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communication and I have also earned eighteen credit units in Education. I possess a TEFL Certificate, Teaching English to Young Learners Certificate, Teaching Business English Certificate and Teaching Special Education Needs  ( SEN)  Awareness Certificate. I have over ten years of teaching experience. I have been working as an ALT at public schools in Niigata since 2016. 
The treasures of the world await you.  Let`s enjoy English together.

■Julia Whipple (講師)


■I have taught English in Saitama and Tokyo for 3 years before moving to Niigata in 2020.
My hobbies are judo, beekeeping and studying Japanese. With such diverse hobbies, I hope I can share new and interesting information with my students.

■I enjoy teaching all ages of students from young children to adults. Learning English is a fun and exciting challenge. I’m looking forward to helping you achieve your English goals. 

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Katrina Fujii (講師)

■Perth, Western Australia. 

I have a Bachelors degree in Asian Studies and Japanese and a TESOL in teaching Young Learners.
I have been living and teaching in Japan for over 20 years and enjoy teaching everyone from babies to seniors. 
My hobbies are traveling and the outdoors, camping, skiing, hot springs. 
And I like to watch Netflix in my free time. I love animals especially dogs. 
I have a daughter who goes to the university and a son who will go to high school from April. 
I hope I can help you realize your potential, expand your world and most of all have fun together! 


イースターイングリッシュスクール(E-STAR English School)
住所 〒959-1242 新潟県燕市日之出町165-3
電話/ファックス 0256-46-0626
Eメール info@estarenglish.com
営業時間 13:00〜21:00
定休日 日曜・月曜・祝日
駐車場 9台

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